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Technology Strategy and Management Consulting

Flywheel Group offers start-up venture launch support, including fundraising, financial planning,  strategic business development, and angel investment.   We help raise venture capital, launch new companies, and help new ventures manage operations growth. We provide a broad range of operations support, but our company specializes in raising venture capital, and launching technology-based start-ups

Computer, IT Consulting in Washington, DC

Assisting at Start-Up
We have built many successful commercial technology ventures for our clients.  By example, since the introduction of web streaming five years ago, we created revenue-generating programs for rock bands, movie producers, and corporations. Our achievements are based on experience and technical know-how, as well as over twenty years executive management reflected by our principals.

Technology Consulting
Our company is technology and vendor neutral, so we can help our clients understand technical complexities and evaluate vendor options, based on what is best for their business. Our vendor relationships are both U.S. and overseas, so our clients can benefit from our business relationships in Europe, Asia, and Australia.

Performers Producers Retailers Televisionons


Our past clients reflect the diversity of our expertise and the range of our clientele. We specialize in assisting all manner of individuals and businesses such as:

• Producers • Not-for-Profits • Corporations • Media

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